Your Transfer Pathway to EKU

The Colonel Connection is a Joint Admission program between EKU and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS), designed to make the college transfer process SIMPLE!

Colonel Connection Program Benefits:
  • When you sign your Colonel Connection Student Agreement, your KCTCS transcripts will automatically be sent to EKU at the end of each term so your EKU DegreeWorks audit is always synchronized to reflect your current coursework.
  • Your individualized degree plan is locked, meaning the chances of getting caught by curriculum changes is unlikely.*  
  • You will be assigned a Colonel Connection advisor to help you review your Degreeworks audit to measure where you are along the pathway to your EKU degree. 
  • Best of all - once you are admitted to EKU, your admission status remains active as long as you are enrolled in the Colonel Connection program and adhere to the agreement. So there is no need for another application when the time comes to transfer, just submit the Colonel Connection Admission Request to the Student Outreach and Transition Office.

Note: If you are in your final semester of coursework at KCTCS, you should apply to EKU as a transfer student instead of joining Colonel Connection.

* If a certifying agency requires that a curriculum be changed, your degree plan may be altered as well. 

The Colonel Connection program is administered by the Student Outreach and Transition Office (SOTO).  Contact one of our dedicated EKU Transfer Admissions & Articulation Coordinators who will help you get Colonel Connected:  

Gail Creekmore | Felecia Ballard or complete the Learn More form and we will contact you.

Colonel Connection Steps to Success. Make your transfer process even simpler.