Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Colonel Connection program?  The Colonel Connection is a joint admission program that allows students to be admitted to Eastern Kentucky University while being enrolled and taking courses at another institution.

What is the benefit of being jointly admitted?  Colonel Connection students benefit from having access to their individualized EKU DegreeWorks audit showing where their current coursework fits within their chosen major.  They also benefit by having an assigned EKU Colonel Connection advisor who will answer questions about course transferability to fulfill the degree requirements.

How do I get into the Colonel Connection program?  You must first apply to EKU and be accepted under normal admission procedures.  If you have earned fewer than 24 college credits since graduating from high school, you will need to submit college transcripts and  high school transcripts along with standardized test scores.  You may then sign a Colonel Connection Student Agreement and submit it to the Student Outreach and Transition Office or one of our Transfer Coordinators.

Who do I contact with admission questions or to sign the Student Agreement?  Contact one of the transfer admissions counselors in EKU’s Student Outreach and Transition Office (SOTO – 859-622-7686).

What is the purpose of the Student Agreement?  The Colonel Connection Student Agreement provides specific requirements for retaining the joint admission status and provides written authorization for automatic exchange of transcripts between the Registrars’ offices.

What if I was recently admitted to EKU but didn’t enroll?  Students who applied to both institutions during the current or immediately previous term may use that term’s Letter of Admission to EKU as the basis for signing the Colonel Connection Agreement, provided a current transcript of all college level coursework (previous or current) is submitted along with the agreement from SOTO to the Office of Admissions.  If you do not meet these criteria, you must reapply.

When should I join the Colonel Connection program?  Join as soon as you have declared your major.  Having an active EKU DegreeWorks audit and assigned EKU Colonel Connection advisor provides you the most accurate assessment and guidance regarding which courses will transfer to EKU and the necessary prerequisites to stay on track academically.

Note: If you are in your final semester of coursework at KCTCS, you should apply to EKU as a transfer student instead of joining Colonel Connection.

 What if I don’t know which major I want to pursue?  You may not join the Colonel Connection program until you have declared a program of study since your Student Agreement will lock your degree pathway.  Once your pathway is locked, your graduation requirements for the degree will remain the same, just as if you were enrolled at EKU.*  Until you are ready to declare a major, you can work with a SOTO transfer admissions counselor to discuss your course transfer questions. 

*Unless the requirements are changed by the program’s accrediting body

If I decide to change my major, what happens?  Before you change your major, it is recommended that you complete a “What if” audit for the new major in the EKU DegreeWorks portal.  This will show you exactly how your current coursework will transfer into the new major.  If you decide to change your major, you will need to contact SOTO to process a Change of Major and sign a new Student Agreement restarting your degree lock under the current academic catalog.

How do I access my EKU DegreeWorks audit?  Once you have been admitted to EKU and signed your Student Agreement, you will use your EKU ID number to activate your EKU Direct online portal.  Access your DegreeWorks audit through EKU Direct under the “Student Records” tab.  You will also find your advisor’s contact information on your DegreeWorks audit.

Can I share my DegreeWorks audit with my KCTCS Advisor?  DegreeWorks provides you the ability to create a .pdf snapshot of your current audit for you to share with your KCTCS Advisor.  You may also create .pdf snapshots of a “What If” audit should you desire to discuss a Change of Major with either advisor.

What if I need to take a course at EKU before I transfer?  Students may find the need to enroll in a course at EKU before they arrive to remain in academic alignment in terms of course sequencing.  Colonel Connection students should contact someone in the SOTO office who will work with the Registrar to allow you to enroll in a specific course as a visiting student.  You may also need to work with the financial aid offices at both institutions to obtain the correct aid amount for all ongoing coursework.

How do I transfer to EKU when I am ready?  When you are ready to transfer to EKU you will need to complete the Colonel Connection Admission Request and submit it to the Student Outreach and Transition Office or a Transfer Coordinator. Pay attention to admission deadlines and separate applications for your program or major. Once you have submitted the Admission Request form it is time to contact your EKU Advisor and register for classes. You will find your advisor's contact information on your DegreeWorks audit, or you can contact the Student Outreach and Transition Office at 859-622-7686 for assistance.